Bristol is a pretty friendly city.

We like people!

(Especially dancing people)

This year, we are experimenting a new and possibly easier way to match travelers from out of town with the local Bristolian posse. Once registration is open, we will set up a Facebook page where you will be able to get directly in contact with the hosts.

We encourage those of you who have attended BSX in the past and made friends in Bristol (how could you not…we’re adorable!) to reach out to potential hosts as soon as possible. It will speed things up considerably!

BRISTOLIANS! We need your help. If you have a spare room, bed, couch or even some floor space and an air mattress, please consider hosting a dancer from out of town.

Hosting is scientifically proven to be the best way to travel without moving from your own home. You will make new friends and they will host you back when you go dance in their own city. What’s not to like?

You’re coming to Bristol, high five to you!

When asking for hosting, please make sure to specify if you have any allergies or any other specific requirements.

Please contact your hosts plenty in advance to inform them about your travelling plans.

Your host might not have a car and might not be able to give you lifts. Make sure to sort this with your host in advance and eventually take care of your own travelling. Also, it’s a good idea to ask your host if you need to bring bedding, a pillow or towels.

It’s always a nice gesture to bring a small present for your host­: Chocolate? Wine? A local delicacy from your part of the world? Plenty of options!

And lastly, please be respectful, polite and grateful! Those things always go a long way.

If you have volunteered to host, high five to you!

Please make sure to specify how many people you are able to host, if you have any animals or if you allow smoking.

It’s a good idea to ask your guests about travel arrangements and make plans on when and where to meet. Also make sure to tell them in case they need to bring their own bedding, pillow or towels. You don’t need to provide your guests with food or transportation to the venues.

However, they will very much appreciate if you could give them info about local restaurants, nearby supermarkets and public transport to and from the venues.

For any questions about hosting, please feel free to contact us at



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