and complete the registration form to BOOK NOW.


*International attendees paying from a currency different from GBP please contact the BSX Team at for payment methods

** This year we are not managing accommodation through the registration form. We will instead set a Facebook group to help guests meet hosts, so make sure you follow us on Facebook!


We will sell a limited number of early bird tickets at the discounted price of 55£.

Catch them while they last!!

Lazy parrots will still be able to join us, with a regular ticket at the price of £65.


We’ll also sell separate tickets for the Saturday night at the amazing price of 25£.

So many options…WE KNOW!

We just can’t wait to shag, and swing, and bal with you!


Please note that single follows will automatically be put on a waiting list.
As soon as a single leader signs up, they will receive an e-mail from the BSX Team with the payment instructions.
However, we do strongly recommend follows to hunt and track down leaders in advance: by signing with a partner, you’ll be sure you’ll make it!

Rembember, the strength (and the dance) lies in numbers!



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